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Abstract Art

This creative emergence in the 20th century opens the door to the expression of illusion.  My perception of this movement is a way of thinking and seeing that does not depict a person, place or things we see on this earth.  This gives me complete freedom to manipulate form and renounce traditional perspective.  The ultimate statement is the tendency to attach less importance to subject matter of modern art and more to a theoretic systematic view.  One group could be made up of those who intellectualize true abstraction and another group to emotionalize their subject matter as art that engages and challenges the intellect.  The artist is given an alternative eye of analytical vision in comparison with the interest and focus of the viewers gaze and attention who see more casually.  The process of an artistic understanding of contemporary art at times can give the illusory sense of depth that the painting is not flat and can be conceptually confusing but visually striking.

The departure from acute representation can be slight, partial or a complete rejection of photographic imitation.  Some of my paintings are also assemblage of found objects and mixed media techniques.  This process of painting should be the interpretation or our intellect and our experiences using the visual language for organized systems of sight.

A creative undertaking of contemporary painting that explores a personal way to transform the apparent flatness of the canvas with a degree of emotion is inventing a new language of sight.  Visual sensation is important to all abstract art and modern art that interprets seeing and feeling where there seems to be none.  The act of painting on the canvas is a place of action that creates an illusion of perspective and depth.  This is a skilled use of logic.

My appreciation for Jazz and classical music while painting helps me give clarity that intensifies what I have to say with the improvisation of colors and shapes.  Abstract art should be allowed to reach portions of the brain that aligns the harmony of music and sight.  The viewer unconsciously interprets depth as visual systems and sound.

Painting on a floor, wall or easel helps me breathe new life of creative feeling and energy.  Art should express a certain mood with a radical fashionable shift that signal patterns that decode feelings in us.  Henri Matisse’s use of intense warm colors and cool blues was a strong influence on me.  I believe the merit of a painting is not in its study or speculation of depth but in its finality; to demonstrate a high degree of thought.  I live in a time that departs from reality and that is depicted in my abstract paintings.  This conceptual aesthetic revolution is a collaborative body of creative works that are pursued by many cultures.  Abstract art in our time is intended to reshape the evolving milieu of the future.  Through this creative understanding is an adventure that reaches personal values, cultural influences, emotions and relationships that affect us everyday.

This artistic strategy helps us see the changes in society and to think abstractly.